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 Rural Festivities Unit

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Rural Festivities

The Rural Festivities Unit at Għammieri, under the remit of the Ministry for Sustainable Development, The Environment and Climate Change, promotes local culture and traditions related to agriculture and fishery.  It is the responsibility of the Rural Festivities Unit to increase the knowledge of local people about agriculture, animals and fishery.  Through an internship or a visit, foreign students also pay a visit to the Għammieri Government Farm to learn about the local agriculture and to taste wine and food made at Għammieri.

This section organizes visits from students attending  Primary Schools who are in Year 1 till Year 5 to see and interact with animals living at the Għammieri Government Farm, with a special focus on the local animals, such as the Maltese bull, known as ‘gendus’, the Maltese goat and the Maltese chicken.  However, at Għammieri we also find other farm animals, brought here from other countries, such as the llama, the ostrich, the pygmy goats and the Shetland ponies.  The students also make use of the picnic area during their recreation and are given a free fruity yoghurt, an initiative of the ‘School Fruit Scheme’.  A set of handouts are given to each class containing information about what they learnt during their visit and more information about what one can find at Għammieri. This increases their knowledge about our unit.

Another main duty of the Rural Festivities Unit is the publication of the magazine ‘Nisget Artna’ in which one can find information related with agriculture, environment and animals, important notices related with the subject, and information about any activities held promoting the mentioned themes.  The magazine will be issued every season and is a means of communication amongst various sections falling under the remit of the Ministry for Sustainable Development, The Environment and Climate Change.  Should you wish to receive a copy or to enquire about the magazine ‘Nisget Artna’, kindly send us an email on  

The Rural Festivities Unit is also involved in promoting rural activities organised by local people and assists Local Councils with the organisation of other rural festivities, one of which is the national event l-Imnarja.  This national event incorporates a showcase for Maltese farmers’ talents where they compete and exhibit their best animals together with their products, and local vegetables and fruits.  Also, we do our utmost to encourage interest in Primary and Secondary students by organising competitions related with the theme of the activity.  

In December, the Rural Festivities Unit team up with a number of volunteers to organise the Christmas Village at Ghammieri with the scope to raise more funds for l-Istrina.  Whilst the public show solidarity and donate money in aid of L-Istrina, entertainment is ensured with the help of sponsors, various dance companies, local singers and actors.


​Rural Festivities Unit - Ghammieri School Visits 2014​

​Rural Festivities Unit - Rural Festivities Unit - Arbor Day at Buskett 2015​​

Rural Festivities Unit - Arbor Day at Buskett 2015​