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Quality Wines

I​n the latest wine reform adopted by the EU in 2008 had the following goals:

  • Making EU wine producers even more competitive - enhancing the reputation of European wines and regaining market share both in the EU and outside
  • Making the market-management rules simpler, clearer and more effective – to achieve a better balance between supply and demand
  • Preserving the best traditions of European wine growing and boosting its social and environmental role in rural areas

Red grapes hanging on vines 

Quality Wines on the Maltese Islands

In the Maltese Islands, there are currently fourteen registered commercial wine producers: nine wineries are located in Malta, whereas five wineries are found in Gozo. Of these fourteen wineries, ten wineries are registered for the production of “PDO” and “PGI” wines, whereas four are registered for the production of “Table Wines”. 

PDO wines are wines having a “Protected Designation of Origin” whereas PGI wines are wines having a “Protected Geographical Indication”. PDO wines produced from grapes cultivated in Malta and Gozo are designated as “DOK” wines, that is wines having a “Denominazzjoni ta’ l-Oriġini Kontrollata” in Maltese, whereas PGI wines produced from grapes cultivated in Malta and Gozo are designated as IĠT wines, i.e., wines with an “Indikazzjoni Ġeografika Tipika” in Maltese. 

Ever since the introduction of the DOK and IĠT scheme in the Maltese Islands in 2007, there has been a steady increase in the production of these wines by local wineries over the years. In 2008, the production of DOK and IĠT wines in the Maltese Islands accounted for just 36% of the total production of local wine. This percentage increased steadily over the years to reach 95% in 2013.

DOK Wines are divided into two categories of wine. DOK “Malta” wines can only be produced from grapes grown on the island of Malta whereas DOK “Gozo” wines can only be produced from grapes grown on the island of Gozo. 

IGT wines are produced from grapes cultivated on both the islands of Malta and Gozo and are therefore termed IĠT “Maltese Islands”. 

Wine Promotion Campaign – DOK MALTA, DOK GOZO & IGT Maltese Islands

Over a decade ago, Malta introduced the wine quality scheme framework based on the EU system for quality wines, which allows vintners and local wine producers to flag certified wines, either as DOK or IGT wines according to EU and local regulations.  DOK Malta, DOK Gozo, and IGT Maltese Islands wines can be immediately recognised by the banderol (a ribbon-like banner flanking the wine bottle) that bears the emblem of the Ministry and a unique serial number. The banderol is the guarantee that the wine has been certified by the Directorate of Agriculture.  

The campaign which is being spearheaded by the Parliamentary Secretariat for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights has been designed by a specifically established task force composed of local vintners producing quality wines.  The campaign, which is spread over a period of two years, will be rolled out on several channels ranging from TV to radio, billboards, and magazines, including social media and online portals.  Apart from adverts, part of the campaign is focused on educational articles and participation of officials from the Directorate of Agriculture responsible for the quality wines on radio and TV programmes.  All this will serve to bring more information about quality wines to the general public.  A wine appreciation and tasting event is being planned and the establishment of the first-ever ‘Wine Trail in Malta and Gozo’ is also in the pipeline.  

Wines of distinction poster, bottle of wine hanging from vine covered in red grapes.

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