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Application Forms

  • A​id to Beekeepers application form​​
  • Access to Farmer’s Registry application form EN | MT​
  • Bank Payment Form (BPF) (for local payments) EN | MT​
  • Financial Identification Form (FIF) (for overseas payments)​ EN | MT​
  • Land contestation (registered farmers) EN | MT​
  • Land contestation (contestant) EN | MT
  • Application to receive information by mobile phone messages (SMS) EN | MT​
  • Requests for information to landowners – kindly contact​ for a copy of this application form 
  • Force Majeure requests​ EN | MT
  • Objections to reductions/penalties imposed by ARPA EN | MT​
  • Guarantee letter template​ and instructions
  • Ap​plication for the Registration as a Technical Advisor/Agrono​mistto provide IPM to farmers (linked to implementation of AECM 4)​​​​

  • Claim Form – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 EN | MT​
  • FAS Registration Application​ EN | MT​
  • FAS Status Report​ EN | MT​