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Fish Market

Trade in fish has always been an important factor in the Maltese way of life, mainly due to the fact that Malta is surrounded by sea. After various small sites, a larger and more spacious fish market was built in Barriera Wharf Valletta. This was way back in 1937. 

From all over the island the fishermen brought their catch to the fish market. As the middlemen prepared for the day’s auction, they made sure the whole catch is not exibited so as to get the best possible price available. The hawkers would be going round the auction hall eyeing what is a good buy, but always keeping their distance as if they are not interested. On top of all this, there would be the Fish Protection Officers to maintain fair trading and make sure the laws and regulations are followed.

By time, there was a growing need for a new Fish Market, more modern and equipped with better facilities. 

This new Fish Market opened on 30th November 2015. It is equipped with a monorail to move large fish, from the unloading area up to loading the hawkers’ vehicles at the other end. It has 12 chillers, one in each Middlemens’ stall and an in house Ice Making Machine to ensure freshness of the fish exhibited.

The new Fish Market boasts of better parking facilities, with a parking area for up to 35 vehicles. The unloading area is solely designated to the fishermen and middlemen.

The new Fish Market will cater for all the needs related to the fishing industry. Hygiene will be a top priority ensuring that fish will be bought by the end user, the consumer, in the best possible way.

The new Fish Market is situated in Troubridge Road, Marsa. Telephone numbers are 21228016, 21228017 and 21228018