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White Meat Slaughterhouses

The section manages the official controls carried out in the four poultry slaughterhouses present in Malta and connected cutting plants and the two lagomorphs (Rabbit) slaughterhouses. 

In the poultry slaughterhouses, Official Veterinarians carry out an ante-mortem inspection on all batches of animals transported for slaughter, with the aim of ensuring that animal welfare regulations are complied with, and that the animals are healthy. The Food Chain Information, which includes the salmonella status of the farm of origin, is also collected prior to slaughter in order to improve food safety. 

After slaughter, a post-mortem examination on the carcasses is carried out to ensure that the meat is fit for human consumption. Furthermore, samples of meat and other tissues are taken for laboratory analysis in line with Regulation (EC) No. 2073/05 with the aim of guaranteeing food safety through compliance with microbiological food safety criteria and process hygiene criteria.